Menopoly: female lead missing from Star Wars Monopoly game

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She has too much intelligence to want to be in such an awful boardgame?


And here I thought it was because she was taking too long getting ready.

/s :laughing:

I’m here all week, you know unless that gets me banned…


Fuck Monopoly. It’s the worst.

I don’t usually get all that wound up about sexism in nerd culture but for fuck’s sake, you guys! Rey is the god damn lead in The Force Awakens! This is like leaving out the race car to add an extra shoe!


it’s worth pointing out that the game was released in september, before the movie came out, and that it’s a STAR WARS monopoly game, not a FORCE AWAKENS edition.

I like Rey too much to impose upon her the tedium of a game of Monopoly. They’ve done her a favor.


Three of the 6 figures are of characters (one relatively minor) who appear exclusively in the Force Awakens.


The argument that including Rey would be a spoiler makes no sense, she is the major character featured in the first damn trailer.

If they can include Fin they can include Rey.


Isn’t it more like breaking up a pair of shoes to replace one with a race car?

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Spoiler? She was one of two identifiable people in all of the trailers.


She isn’t in the Millennium Falcon set, either, ludicrously.

SPOILER ALERT! neither’s Han!


That piece of junk?


Extry! Extry! Hasbro works as hard as it can to ruin popular franchises!

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agreed because of this. Captain Phasma would be a nice add too but I was disappointed she doesn’t seem to be too crucial to the story at the moment. Hopefully she’s more involved later on, they could have used any basketball player in the suit with the amount of acting Gwendolyn was asked to do. Rey was the frackin lead and in practically every commercial so who would question having her as a playing piece?

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Yea, but it’s all good as long as they included the lovable Jar-Jar, every fan’s favorite character!


No Rey is lame but… Phasma?

So far the answer to the question “Why is this one stormtrooper silver?” is “Disney needed another toy to sell.”


They’ve got to include Phasma! So shiny. And when kids are playing Star Wars, everyone’s going to want to be her: “I want to yield to threats, betray my cause, and lead to the destruction of the superweapon and deaths of thousands!” “No, I do!”


I already posted on the facebook post but i kind of prefer having the discussion here. But in the set they excluded her, but what are the other figures in the set? Because i was wondering if Phasma had been excluded or not. She’s a pretty minor character in the movie but i’m of the mind that i would be totally psyched to have a figure of her.

You’re braver than I thought!


Phasma is in the 6-figure Target set. Probably because she’s not an obviously female character, so is thus ok for boys to play with. I mean, I was only 4 in 1977, but I thought the Stormtroopers were maybe robots so I can see kids not thinking any trooper has a gender.

I had heard the Disney store was doing better on merchandising, so I went there. There was one girls Rey t-shirt (purple with glitter!) and her movie outfit. There was an entire table of figurines of Phasma, Stormtroopers, Kylo Ren, Finn, and Poe. Not one Rey.