A breakup song about curing the common cold


Bonus points for an appearance by Simon Helberg. He may be best-known for his work on The Big Bang Theory, but to me he’ll always be ■■■■■.


Aimee Mann is awesome, beauty and talent. She has such a nice voice.


I still prefer her husbands work, but that’s like comparing The Pyramids to Machu Picchu.

i was really digging the video and just when i thought it was over i noticed the player gui still had a large bit remaining so i got excited about maybe some out takes or something…and then…it was ruined.

the whole experience was ruined by some guy who plays some guy in some super stupid crappy tv show wearing the prop and making whiny noises. the awesome video with awesome people in it ((some of the daves i know) foley and wain and aimee mann). why?


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