A brief history of the best video game title screens

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Huh. Just from memory (the definition of memorable :P) I can only remember kind of five:
Xenoblade Chronicles - I’ve left that one running in the background just 'cause.
Mass Effect 1
Some of the vignettes from Half-Life/2/Portal/Black Mesa/etc
…and Oblivion and Skyrim, but that’s only because of just how much I played them.
ETA: Given more time to think on it I’m remembering more… All in the same category as Oblivion and Skyrim: Memorable because of their simplicity. A title + start/load/settings/quit might be easy to remember, but it’s not notable.

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Personally, I was completely taken aback by the intro to Katamari Damacy. I can’t even remember what possessed me to buy the game- probably the fun cover art, or some review that played up it’s weirdness, but whatever it was, I was not expecting the start sequence at all. I love games like that, that go completely sideways with your expectations. I know the game has a following, or I wouldn’t be able to buy versions of it year after year, but I still feel like it doesn’t get credit for being such a distinct experience.

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