The history of horror games in 3 minutes


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I’m not sure where the you get the 2000s were bland… there were great horror game pretty much every year of the decade.

If this is an history of horror in video games, where is Doom?

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I was surprised not to see Higurashi no Nako Koro ni… or pretty much anything Japanese.

I didn’t watch it yet, but I seriously hope they mention Splatterhouse and perhaps Chiller.

Two/2 games with giant ants. :smiley:

Lack of Chzo was inexcusable.

What? No Hugo’s House of Horrors? It’s right there in the title!

The Resident Evil AKA Biohazard Series, the Fatal Frame AKA Zero Series, The Silent Hill Series and I´m sure a bunch of others I can´t be bothered to look up right now – all Japanese.

It’s interesting just how generic and bland survival horror games were throughout the 2000s: same palette, same lighting, same mutants, same tricks.

Yeah, BioShock looks the same as Silent Hill, and you can’t tell Cryostasis from those.

That’s cool - not being a gamer, I had no idea. Also, the English titles fooled me.

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