Who doesn't miss '90s horror games?


Without a doubt, the malevolent over-the-shoulder camera was the most terrifying foe in this era of gaming. “Hey, you’ve walked close to a wall! Let me zoom in on your low-rez head until the zombies eat you!”


Alone in the Dark


I never really got into the genre, because replay value is so low. Oh look, there’s the zombie, turn left, there’s the guy with the weird hat, bang bang, search, get letter…

I wonder what it would be like to develop a procedurally-generated horror game that’s never the same twice?

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Harvester changed my life when I was a young boy.

Even though I couldn’t get it’s 3 CD-ROM set to install properly on my computer, the hype it generated in my mind while I convinced my uncle to FIX IT was unrivaled. Eventually I got to play and it was as gruesome as I had hoped. It lead me to the Phantasmagoria series and beyond. The 90s had some great, great horror titles that I’ll never forget.

Will someone Kickstart sequels to any of these, please?

Alone in the Dark is special to me because it was the first horror computer game I ever played. And I sadly never finished it :frowning: I fucked up a save right where I had to get by the giant worm in the basement. It still haunts me to this day. The fuck up, not the worm.


Don’t forget the terrible voice acting!

“I hope this is not…Chris’s blood!”

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I can’t wait to see this. The original Resident Evil games (especially 2) was one of the most perfect games ever and I fell in love with the blocky graphic style.

Many evenings spent with NIGHT TRAP.

The ESRB was created because of that game.

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Does Cliver Barker’s Undying count? It was released in early 2001 but it FEELS like a 90s horror game.

If not, then Silent Hill and Clock Tower, which I don’t actually remember playing but remember it having a strong effect on me, which is weird.

Alone in the Dark ran beautifully on my 486SX 33Mhz. I remember the anti-piracy codebook, which was this tiny book with a picture on each page, and you had to match the picture to the page number prompt the game asked for if you wanted to play.

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I’m only nostalgic for the 2000s era horror games, though I guess Shadowman makes it in under the buzzer. Silent Hill 2 still work for me.

7th Guest was sheer perfection for me and my brother. Brainy puzzles and spooky, ethereal outcomes. Henry Stauf in a wheelchair! You’re Tad’s spirit! I mean that was so cool. The ghostly, wheelchair-bound look of Stauf captured with the cutting edge (now bad) tech of the day is still haunting me. So good.

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Does System Shock 2 qualify? First person, unlike the Resident Evil archetype; but that game scared me right proper. I’m pretty sure that it was also the first game I’d played where the standard “your character is wandering through an area where something definitely bad happened to some NPCs” sequence (in addition to being very well done), wasn’t just a ‘yup, the good guys lost, now you have to take on all the monsters yourself’ tale (like Doom); but was littered with hints of betrayal, madness, and a losing battle against something awful enough that some of the dead were suicides.

Also, goddamn psionic monkeys and cyborg midwives…


Fuck me sideways, I forgot about System Shock 2. The monkeys!!! Great, great horror game.

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I recall enjoying

I had a friend who got into that series and others like it. I can’t remember if it was that one or some other title he had, but I know there was at least one scene where you are assaulted and raped by your girlfriend/wife who is possessed by a demon (and we aren’t talking in that hot demon kind of way.)
After that scene we turned off the pc and went outside for a while…

I remember that a long time ago I had so much time to waste that I actually did the Resident Evil knife only run. Also, the mutilated zombie kids in the school in the first Silent Hill scared the shit out of me.

You know I can’t recall that but I’m not surprised. Despite the nostalgia I have for those games they were shockingly regressive, even for their time. :disappointed: