A celebratory SCOTUS NYAN-bow for marriage equality wheeee!


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So Roberts and Thomas argue in their dissents that marriage is not a right explicitly stated in the Constitution. Does that mean they consider the decision in Loving v. Virginia to have also been a case of the court overstepping its authority?

I know I’ll never get the opportunity to ask that question of them but it’s still fun to throw it out there.


Does this mean that we’re going to see a lot of Republicans moving to Canada to escape same-sex marriage?


What the hell are we gonna do when we no longer have ginsburg. Can we clone her? I’ll bet she could beat Scalia in an arm wrestling match without even putting her elbow on the table.



We may not be able to keep her forever but she’s a good reminder that elections have consequences.

I understand Scalia is an example of that too, but I’m not sure. Is there a hippie nearby I could ask?


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