A cheap monitor for Raspberry Pi users

I’m good for wi-fi coverage, but the xrouter has a 1Gbps switch, and I currently plug headless Pis into an old 8 port 10Mbps switch. (Saving grace: It has a traffic bar graph LED so I can see the traffic, especially when it’s saturated.)

As for wireless extension, currently beaming an SSID of “ScheerFolly” at the most likely political rally point in a swing riding. I’ll open the AP with a local wiki site once I figure out how to fool Android and iOS’s “no Internet access” detection. (Simplest work-around would be to bridge the long range wifi with the Pi3’s native wifi to my router’s guest access and to the Internet.)

Oh they’ll usually render. But with a lot of sites having constant fixed-width bars at the top (like this BBS, for example) you can wind up with so little actual space for viewing content that navigating becomes a chore.

(Also, there’s a lot more difference between 1080 and 768 than between 1080 and 1024.)

Here’s a pic of BB rendered at the resolution of that monitor:

BB is a pretty well designed website, but even here you can see that it’s starting to be an issue. I can see a whole two extra posts when I’m viewing at 1080 vertical.

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