If you want a large, cheap display for your Raspberry Pi, here's a good one

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Just put the word out to friends, you will end up with a free used 1080p monitor. Why bother with anything less?


*1920 x 1080


But retro games don’t tend to be in 16:9, no?

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24" for $90 thru 11/11 when you use that code on the page but it’s not IPS like the 21 so the colors are probably not as good

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Acer monitors are junk, and this has nothing to do with the Pi.

I have nothing against serviceable largr monitors being cheap; but in the context of rPis(and assorted other projects) I am perpetually annoyed by how small monitors are so expensive.

You can go with a classic 20x4 HD44780-or-similar; and some various little SPI units of low resolution and refresh rate(if you do find yourself in that neighborhood, much respect for the most adorable VT100-alike around); but MIPI DSI, which would otherwise be the obvious go-to, suffers from a combination of hideously hand-soldering-hostile oddball connnectors and general uncooperativeness and conventional DVI or HDMI monitors often start to get more expensive as they get smaller and you leave the ‘mediocre 1920x1080 in the 23ish inch range’ sweet spot and the ’ downright bad1440x900 in the 20-22ish inch range’ bottom of the mass market hardware barrel.

It’s not so bad when you can just obtain a few mounting arms and turn your desk into space command; but if you have size constraints you can pay alarming amounts for a truly trash 800x480 or put up with some Android-runnning SoC you don’t really want because apparently monitors get cheaper when you graft a computer of questionable value onto them and turn them into low end tablets.


Seriously. Why buy this specifically for retro gaming on pi when all the classic games are 4:3.

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Are they? I needed a display for my Raspi that would fit into a 4HU 19"-rack, basically to run a amidiconnect and control synths via master keyboard without a laptop. Ended up with a 9" HDMI-display for €35. Some years ago there was no way to get an affordable display in that size.

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I found a decent 1280x1024 monitor for $7 at the thrift store. Retro games look like shit on anything besides a CRT, though.

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looks like a great buy at $79.

No audio out, and no speakers, though.

I picked up a Samsumg 22" 1920 x 1080 at $70ish CAN from a discount place closeout. (That sweet spot where PCs had moved on to larger monitors.)

…because you can fit in a console, or if you decide to fit the image by rotation to a stop…reward yourself for playing well with visual Dorito cues? Or have a party game in the triangles while players pretend to also be interested in your curated Documentaries queue you never got to?

I am saying that even RasPi OpenGL can render 8 textured triangles while the regular ARMs run retrogames, no need to say things look a certain way and that the matte is unmutable. No, I do not have a Nintendo Orthodoxy Certification…

Also, someone for whom small things are overpriced…surely a bsd rather than android? Or the tradeoff is that all the screens and mounting arms are same-ish (oh, you mean for 24V mounts maybe) but that for small sets you need to apply array telescope skills to get the pixels piped phase perfect.

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