A collapsible kettle for camping

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Hmm, as much as I love my current thrift-store found designated camping kettle, it does take up a good deal of space.

I’m digging the handle on this model: http://a.co/an3OiZt (attached to the solid bottom, more-normal vertical alignment)


Silicon ≠ silicone

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I use a pot to save space, but these do look cool. Has anyone used them? Do they leave a taste?

JLW, have you used it? I’ve found silicone products, while resistant to heat and not affecting taste, DO carry the heat and I’d be worried about someone touching this from the sides if it’s full of boiling water. It has the look of an insulated product.

Why those colors? [T]yroney shows a clear one, and I like that but why when one is camping does one need camo or drab militaryesk colors for everything?

I’d really love to hear why this is superior to a good coffee pot that I can fill with objects to save space?

All of these collapsible kitchen tools all seem like part of a world built by Philip K. Dick for a story about a person that wanted to live in an accordion folding world to save space but didn’t realize that it would eventually be his downfall.

It is going camping with me next week. I’ll let you know.

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@Sludge Ok, had time this afternoon and was working in the van, so I made some tea.

You will want a pot holder for the handle, when pouring, but it’s steady, and controlled. The sides get hot, but no hotter than metal or glass of my non collapsed kettles.

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