I wanted a glass stovetop tea kettle


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DEA watchlist for you!


Pallet of NyQuil on the way?


What if I’m already a little teapot?


Teapot != kettle

I’ve been lectured over this.



What? Is the steel alloyed with lead?


Also, since you can see how much water is in it, you can boil only the amount that you want, saving time and energy.


Did you tell them to go fuck themselves? That’s what I did. Then my little sister dropped her cup, threw Tedrick the Bear at me, ran to mom and ratted me out. -Pout-


This will go well with your Sorapot!

If you’ve been breaking down stainless steel you should consider using a little less heat - 2000 degrees is way over the top for tea. Totally sympathize about the cleaning issue, though.


HA! If you casually put somebody’s nice teapot on the stove, they might say that to you!


Are you gonna start with me now, too?

Let me tell you all something; fuck your teapots and fuck your tea kettles and fuck your tea. This is America, we drink coffee here!

And don’t you dare run to mom!


Exactly! The game is “assimilate or die” in the Americas. No traditions allowed unless they have been established here for at least 600 years. Figure out where you are, tourists!

America for Americans! Nativism for Natives!


That’s right, and learn to speak Americanese. If it was good enough for Jesus to write the Bible in it, it’s good enough for anyone!


You’ve had the tea we make here - of course we drink coffee!

Er, anyway, for me the issue with glass teakettles is that I’ve got a flat-glass-top stove, which I assume isn’t compatible with that kind of kettle. (And the last metal kettle I had didn’t have a flat bottom; the rim around it made it not usable.)


Did you try saying “metal kettle” a bunch of times until it lost all meaning and then you couldn’t stop giggling, or was that just me?



Clean a teapot? And get rid of all that build-up? What’s wrong with you?

/ I’m quite sure that some hipster out there is pre-tea-staining teapots so that they stop tasting like metal.


Clean what out of a stainless kettle? If all that goes in is water, and you rinse it occasionally, there’s nothing to clean. And there’s no heavy metals, they’re not soldered together. I have a gas range, so the best kettle has a BIG flat bottom to capture the most heat. I fill it by weight, I can get within an ounce or 2 of exactly the right amount for my teapot, which is actually just a Bodum plunge pot.

8 bags Tetley British Blend in 32 oz water. I used to do Ti Kuan Ying when I could get cans of rough cut. Keep in fridge, pour over ice & lemon slice all day long. Dilute to caffeine requirement at the moment.


Stainless leaches nickel (in rather shocking quantities), but mainly when it is new; a 20-year-old stainless kettle is going to be essentially inert.

On another BB thread I posted a PubMed link to a study about leaching of metals into tea (ie, for teapots, not teakettles). Apparently the amount of aluminum naturally concentrated in tea leaves (at least in India, where the study tea was grown) is so great that the amount contributed by an aluminum pot was relatively negligible.