A comic book history of the Pinkerton Agency

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I remember working with SEIU organizing private security companies in downtown LA and having a couple of buildings with Pinkertons. It is so strange being a union organizer going into a building and ASKING for the Pinkerton agent.


You’ll be happy to know that Securitas AB the mega-corp that bought Pinkerton does allow unions for their security officers depending on the whims of the client. Other than that the Pinkerton tradition continues.

I used to work for a spin-off of Pinkerton called Metropolitan International Security Service and yes strike busting was definitely a thing. Full riot gear, shields and all.


The weird part is that Allan Pinkerton was a Chartist (sort of a proto-trade-union movement), and fled Scotland to avoid arrest for his involvement in the movement. His dad was a cop though, which might explain his later career.

(I have a theory, based on no facts whatsoever, that he might have been an informer on the Chartists, and actually fled because someone realised who’d betrayed them)


Love Sam’s work, really love it. His Our Members be Unlimited book is fantastic. Plenty of downloadable art on his site, too, if that is your thing.

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I sold a handmade greenhouse to a Pinkerton heir. He paid cash. I did not notice blood on the paper money, but I was not looking for any.


Always weird to get a reminder that the Pinkertons are still a thing. Almost like finding out the East India Company was still imposing brutal colonial rule across various parts of Asia.


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