A con man expert talks about the cons in Better Call Saul


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What about selling cheap speakers out of the back of a van…“I’ve got extra speakers from a scheduled delivery, I can sell them to you cheap instead of returning them.”

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A cop I used to know told me about the time they caught a guy selling a “new in the box” TV in a parking lot. It had a hole torn in the front of the box so that you could see the picture tube, but that’s all there was in the box, along with some bricks. The remote was a wrapped-up bar of soap.

The cops were laughing, even the guy pulling the scam was laughing. The only one not laughing was the rube who almost fell for it.

great film on cons - short and long

or just about anything from David Mamet.

For anyone looking to read about classic cons I’d recommend The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man by David Mauer.


A great read. Here’s Cory’s review from 2000.

Also, great…

I was at the gas station and the guy with the van pulls up one island over and asks me if I need any speakers. I tell him "no one falls for that old gag anymore’ And he holds up a wad of bills and says, “Oh yes they do”

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