A crowd-sourced effort to find missing Malaysia Air flight


Direct link:

Direct links won’t help, they’re getting hammered so hard their comments are nothing but people bitching about the outage. Those that do get in bitch about the interface.

It’s a good idea, but sounds like it needs some work.

It won’t work. The Island doesn’t show up on satellite images, and it keeps moving.


The first tiles I was shown did not show up at all but after moving around the blank map, many tiles are fully visible. Just don’t give up and look at what you can.

Whatddya make of this? Appears to be 70’ in length, could easily be a trawler, but interesting nonetheless. Tagged on Tomnod.

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I found that object as well! I doubt it has anything to do with the airplane, I think it’s a whale.

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images on BBC -

Damn. I think you’re right. I hope they didn’t know when it was happening, just quick oblivion.

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