Amateur radio astronomer discovers long-lost satellite


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Let me know when he finds that “Satellite of Love” Lou Reed sang about.

What that song’s supposed to be about is still a mystery to me.




…but the data is just “Space Oddity” at about half speed. It’s weird and sad.


Still, it makes a great story to tell the grandkids. I recall he did an interview on CBC about it. I presumed it was “As it Happens”, but after searching high and low for it, I found it was actually “On the Coast”. Here’s the link:



Zombie satellites!



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This is quite a story. It’s amusing that he was only looking on this frequency because he as trying to find the secret Zuma satellite.

Once again, a discovery happens when a person isn’t looking for the thing they discovered.


it’s always the last place you look!


This amateur is too skilled for NASA.


I would hope so unless someone is delusional or OCD and keeps looking on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:


Frankly if he wanted to be up to NASA standards he would have to be really good at losing data or hardware, not finding it. Not the first time i’ve discussed NASA’s long time history of misplacing or tossing stuff.


Oh, the stories I can’t tell!!!


On the one hand, bravo Tilley. That’s very cool for him. Hooray for the little guy.
On the other hand, this just screams post-cold-war NASA no longer getting any real money, sees no reason to try. I can’t really blame them but that looks really bad. Hooray for the race to the bottom.




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