India ironically loses communications with new communications satellite

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Could we get a big pointer to the irony here? Because I don’t see it.


I have a great idea, why don’t they redial?


This can happen to anybody. India has a great space program, more concerned about applications and science than about expensive astronaut missions. I wish them a speedy recovery and further success in their space activities.


Irony, at least in this case, means “a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”

So one would expect to be able to communicate with a satellite designed specifically for communication, but alas it is not so.


Did they call a help center?


Did they turn it off and back on again?


I’m sorry, Mr. IRSO, but I’m going to need to transfer you to level two support. Please remain on the line.

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Happened to me just last week!

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Did you lose communication with your rocket before it reached its target? Talk to you doctor about daily use Cialis.

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turns out I just needed an irony supplement.


Why do you keep writing IRSO ? The quotation and the article clearly says “Indian Space Research Organization” - I.S.R.O !

Yet IRSO has been repeated over and over and over again - its even found in the comments!!!

Now this is an irony - another “communication” failure ?

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They hired a bunch of hipster engineers who cut off communications because they, “just needed to unplug, man” .

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As someone who has worked helpdesk, I can tell you the hardest thing is speaking for 8 hours a day with an Indian accent.


It was very important to answer whether orbital adjustment had been achieved in a friendly and satisfactory manner, before activating the Stellarator 7aX link which would accomplish Clean India by destroying the illusory attachment to billions of anal sphincters.

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:grin: That was actually my first thought.

This is only ironic in the alanis morrisette sense. The sinking of the Titanic was not ironic, even though it was specifically designed to float. If the Titanic were literally named, ‘The Unsinkable’, that would have been truly ironic. Since her purpose was to not sink and she did indicates only secondary irony, or what we in the business call Canadian Irony. Same thing with the communications satellite. If the satellite had been called ICARUS and it got hosed by a sunspot radiation, that would be irony. As it is, I’d give it a 7/10 for irony.

Get the James Webb Space Telescope up and working, and then the USA can point and laugh at others.

Yep. That one’s going to be a nail-biter.

Absolutely, their space programme is amazing. Missions to the Moon and Mars, a cryogenic engine - all indigenously designed and built. And this is the sort of thing that raises a nation out of poverty - investing in science, engineering to drive a demand for well-educated people who are curious about the world (and other worlds) and want to go out and do cool stuff.