If Star Trek comms were as crappy as cell phones


Years ago a friend and I were talking about Star Trek, and he was laughing about TOS communicators basically being flip phones. I pointed out that no matter where the crew was on, or in, any planet, as long as the Enterprise was orbiting it they never worried about a dropped call or being out of range. Imagine having that kind of service when calling the International Space Station.

Yeah, TOS technology still isn’t quite out of date.

Are we still complaining about cell phones? Mine hasn’t given me trouble in years, aside from sneaking itself into the washing machine. Then again, I haven’t tried using it on Triton yet.

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Really you never drop calls or have a text that for some reason takes 2 hours to arrive? Sorry don’t believe you.

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I don’t need you to believe me. Actually I think I had some weirdness when I moved to Ohio, but the phone just needed an update.

To annoy you further, I have cheapass service on a cheapass phone.

Am I the only one who can’t stand the fact that the pips are on the wrong side of his collar?


It’s probably been years since my last dropped call. I do have slow texts every now and then.



Plus no towers.

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