Star Trek: TOS communicators that run on Bluetooth


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Nifty but out of my price range for a dorky toy.


Maybe you could make your own


Does it work inside a locker?


You could fit about five of today’s communicators inside it. WTF, future?


Given that the now obsolete “flip phone” design was consciously modeled after the communicators, it is somewhat amusing that people will be using smartphones for these.


It’s gorgeous. The case and the stand are perfect and almost enough for me to justify buying this thing I will never actually use (I literally talk less than 30 minutes a month on my phone).

So tempting.


I like it, but yeah, the price is too high for the novelty. Now, if it could actually get you home by opening it up and saying “Beam me up, Scotty” that would be worth it.


So I can just keep my actual day-to-day phone? Alright!

(Sample image, not my actual phone. My actual one is a lot more beat up, of course.)


My now no longer work phone (which oddly still works not sure when that will get cancelled) is a samsung flip phone. I like it a lot. I should check if one of the pay as you go plans will take it as it is a SIM card phone.


Ok but wheres my phaser?


Ok but does it have as much character as tars? (woops posted to wrong comment.)


OK but now make the little starfleet badge version from TNG and we’ll talk.


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