Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator

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Does it apply a high voltage shock if you utter “beam me up Scotty”?


Feh, unless they do a Next Generation era combadge version, I’m not interested!

  1. i told you so.
  2. Where have you been all my life?
  3. Who needs to get fired for failing to deliver this 20 years ago?
  4. How long before I can get a $30 version?

I’ve a feeling the novelty of this thing will wear off after the first two phone calls.

Wouldn’t stop me…


After it got around I was answering all my calls with “Kirk here” I think two calls would be about all I’d get.


“Opaque aluminum” just made my day.



Shop down? BB hug of death?

Want one really hard but I can’t justify buying another gadget that I will never use.

Cargo Cult flotsam for developed nations!

ok, it’s a little cool.


Very much yes. I used to mimic doing the single/double tap in my geeky youth watching TNG but to have it work… oh boy.

It’s frustrating how near and how far this object is to being useful…

So, it merely pairs with your cellphone: you still have to lug a cellphone. And this “communicator” is a fancified headphone for your cellphone.

I’ll wait for the next version: an Android-loaded communicator.

It looks like it is big enough to hide a smaller phone in. Possibly a way to salvage some cheapo one with cracked display.

Fetishizing commodities, more like.

Still kind of cool, though.

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Well an android phone would not be useful for as long as a Bluetooth headset.

I don’t think its as useful as a headphone, but lugging a large screen phone/phablet for when you want to browse the web/watch cat videos etc., but it leaving in your bag and using a smaller lighter device to make voice calls isn’t totally stupid.

It may be another generation before that technology is available.


It seems like lately I’ve seen more and more cell phone users adopting the communicator position while talking on the cell. Except they hold it under their chin like they’re catching drips from communion. What up with that?

It’ll kill any chance for me to procreate, I don’t have Kirk-isma, but I still want it.

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