Credit card sized phone does nothing but phone calls

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Then it’s probably not the phone for you.


Look a bit like John’s Phone, but less bulky.

In my own dumbphone adventures I’ve found that simple GSM (2G) phones are not really supported anymore by the two US carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile) that operate GSM networks. AT&T sim cards crash the GSM phones I’ve tried, and T-Mobile’s 2G coverage is getting spotty.

3G dumbphones work fine.


This is a great idea. I like it.


I am imagining a wallet full of differently functioned devices. “This one is just for e-mail, and this one receives texts, but does not send them. Then this one will work as a regular credit card. My favorite is my Angry Birds card. See?”


That is a misleading title. From what I can see, it also tells the time.



I’d love that.
Give me this and a standalone Google Maps device and I’m good. And maybe an old school iPod, even better if it’s this skinny.

The one downside to the do-it-all smartphone is that it removes the likelihood that the superhero-style utility belt will ever be fashionable. I mean, sure, you can fill up the other pouches with mini Clif bars, water purification tablets, and condoms, but it’s just not the same.


You’ll need all the pouches for spare batteries.


I would super buy a device that only sent text messages. Nice keyboard, good UI, a mutable new message chime and that’s it.

I know there was someone making a single-purpose email device in the weird quiet of the post-Blackberry pre-iPhone years, but I think SMS has become the Only Messaging Protocol that I want on me.

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What about a satellite pager with an optionally powered-up cellular interface?

Keep it in pager mode. The cell network doesn’t know where you are. If you get a message, you have a choice of responding and telling the network your location, or staying silent.


That’s the next generation of litefone: it does nothing but tell the time.


Great idea for the older generation who don’t understand or are afraid of the smartphone. I would get one for my grandmom.

They’d likely prefer something bigger with big buttons.

This is probably best suited as an emergency phone for small kids.


I’d like a GSM phone that small that can also send and receive texts. I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to an iPhone 3 year before last. Now it’s all smashed up and I’ve never even downloaded an app for it. I would like something substantially less, that is just really good at the only two functions it’s responsible for.

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I sometimes miss the mid-late 90’s fashion trend of belt-line competitions. That is, who could put the most gadgets on their belts. Most seemed content with having a cell phone (post-brickphone) on one side and a pager on the other, holster-style. The heavy hitters could have had something like an iDen, both a regular and two-way pager, and a small microTac.

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You mean you can actually make phone calls on these things, how novel.

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If you’re wearing a super-hero style utility belt, you can leave out the condoms. You will not be needing them.


But … but … it still tracks you, right? … Right?