A darn good 25-cent mechanical pencil

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Because you don’t support a business model that comes up with a “disposable” pencil like that?


Because a proper #2 pencil works just as well and is less finicky than a mechanical one.


Is it a Bic? Yep, it’s a Bic. They make three of the greatest commercial products of all time; this pencil, the Bic Stic pen and, the undisputed, on its own playing field, not even ruined by the Beavis & Butthead childproofing panic, Bic lighter. GOAT.

Of course, the Dixon Ticonderoga is still the greatest pencil ever made. Fight me!



No fight here. I’ve become slightly fetishistic about the Ticonderoga Black, myself. I was recently gifted a Polomino Blackwing Pearl, very much favored here in these parts, and while it’s a VeryNice™ pencil, it’s just slightly too soft for my EDC writing implement.

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OK, I’ll fight you:

Dixon Ticonderoga is no longer made in the USA.

However a quick Google search reveals that General Pencil Co. is made in the USA (since 1889).

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Agreed. They’re what I buy my kids every year for school so they can tell them apart from everyone else’s. I have a fresh box of them in my cabinet right now.

I had a couple of bouts with the Palomino after recommendations here. I was not super impressed. Too soft, which also means super messy for daily use. And that eraser? Ugh. No thanks.

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