A database of instructions for making different paper airplanes


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Gosh, I love a good paper airplane.


I once “helped” an engineering class make lots of planes with some paper left on a desk.
Turns out it was set aside for a drawing class; we would have got away with it if it hadn’t been for the pile of planes on the grass three floors down… :grimacing:


I forgive you. It was just a small boo boo.


Thanks. Totally wasn’t the worst thing I did while teaching. :grin:


Oooo a computer! That’s high-tech!


Another rent in the time-space continuum.


Your wish is my command.


@doctorow Hi Cory,

Via Feedly I found your article on paper airplanes.

I just wanted to let you know that we actually have opened a store in Amsterdam last summer that included these paper plane designs!

In the ‘Paper Pilot’ store you could find instructions on how to built each plane in our app. You could also customize the plane and take it home for €1. The revenue was donated to charity.

See here the after-movie we have made: https://youtu.be/zqRfJvhE_Sk We have even made a special website showing the results: www.paperpilot.nl

Perhaps you find this interesting!

Greetings from Amsterdam,

Tim Pellikaan


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