How to fold a World Record-winning paper airplane

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He was just at my local high school giving a science lecture and it was great fun as he had prototypes and different style of planes that he would throw around the room and the kids would throw them back.

An excellent lecturer and a nice guy to boot. Note that his winning design is allowed one tiny piece of tape, like mb an inch worth that he cut up a dozen times. That plane was amazing.

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I think this paper plane could be the real world record:

Half the pitch is 55m, plus 20m from the stands … not sure though

Distance is OK, but for a paper airplane that can stunt and shows how real airplanes are controlled, give me the Barnaby Flyer every time.

Ummmm… I was making these about 30 years ago…

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Too bad utube wasn’t around back then.

Or even YouTube

I’m right there with you. I learned this one in 4th grade…so about 32 years ago.

Geez. 32 years ago. :confused:

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I had this book in elementary school and I was a frickin’ champ*.

*At least I thought so.


A good paper airplane can reap sweet rewards. I was at a pro hockey game a few years ago and they had a contest to see who could throw a paper airplane into the sunroof of a new car as it drove around the ice. The prize: That brand new car. People paid a dollar per sheet of paper (proceeds went to Special Olympics) and filled out their contact info. After the final buzzer and the players headed to the locker rooms, the announcer got everybody fired up for the contest. The car drove onto the ice and hundreds of paper airplanes came sailing from every direction, bouncing off the fenders and skimming the windshield as it slowly made its way around. Most of them missed the car completely. Just before the car exited the ice, one lone paper airplane came from way up in the nosebleed seats and gracefully floated right into the sunroof. The crowd went bugshit and the announcer yelled like crazy. We talked it about for much of the drive home.


my brain inserted this after i read your post

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