A dreary Humira ad is transformed into a lighthearted musical when a pianist plays along

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I was expecting the EmtyG ad to be accompanied by “Enter the Gladiators.”

Is Humira available in the USA without a prescription from a qualified medic? If yes, then it ought not to be but I can understand why the long list of gabbled precautions. If no, then stop the gabbling and simply say ‘your doctor will warn you of risks and side-effects - always read the accompanying leaflet in full even if your doctor has prescribed it for you’. Because, (trust me, I do actually take this stuff, not that it has worked any miracles for me so far) there is a LOT more to read in the leaflet, that anyone taking this should be aware of, than that gabbled list of box-ticking precautions covered. So even if it IS available without a medic’s scrip there needs to be a much stronger warning to read the leaflet in full.

But then, I find the fact that the US allows prescription medications to be advertised on TV just weird.


In the US, advertisements for prescription drugs are required by the FDA to list side effects.

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I know. But it is pointless.
Nobody can possibly take in that gabbled list, which in any case is only a list of the ‘most important risks’, so any viewer is going to have to refer to one of the ‘variety of sources for viewers to find the prescribing information for the drug’ - but apparently that information can be left out if someone gabbles ALL the risks.

It’s just dumb, and there should be a far more measured, intelligible (not gabbled as a ‘box tick’) message about the responsibility of prescribing medic and patient to jointly review the suitability and all the risks of any medication.

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