A Dunkin' employee shows us how he makes ice coffee when tipped vs no tip

Originally published at: A Dunkin' employee shows us how he makes ice coffee when tipped vs no tip | Boing Boing


How much can I pay Dunkin to not put sugar in my iced coffee at all?

That seems to be hit or miss when ordering. I usually specify “NO SUGAR” and still sometimes get it.


Does he ask customers ahead of time whether they intend to tip?


I usually end up paying and tipping before they make it, which of course kind of defeats the purpose of the tip, but the current state of tipping culture is a complete joke anyway.


r/MaliciousCompliance at its finest.

(Title) “People conforming to the letter, but not the spirit of a request.”


Diabetic Coma waiting to happen.


Wait… We’re supposed to tip fast food workers now? Did I miss this?


Is the narration computer generated? Seems a bit high pitched.


i always tip when you pay at the register, before they make your coffee. I always try to pay cash at Dunks so I can just toss in whatever change I have left over.


I do at Dunkins, there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism to do so at other fast food.

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I think you mean pay their wages because their employer refuses to pay them a living wage.


i’m sure his franchise owner would be thrilled to know this. i know tips are important for service workers but come on, don’t be a dick if people don’t tip.


Someone is getting fired today!


For me, if it’s a place where I wait on them to take my order, serve myself, get my own drinks, bus my own table, etc., and they want a tip. Nope.


I guess BoingBoing has a store instead of a tip jar so they don’t have to compromise integrity.


So they don’t stir it as much, I guess? Honestly, this is the lowest-level of malice you can expect from food service when you treat them poorly. Like, this is not even on the same scale of nasty shit people do.

This is the real problem. Greedy business owners and corporate overlords pay starvation wages and pit their staff against the consumer. This is why I didn’t miss going out to eat one bit during lockdown. Almost no one is incentivized to provide a quality experience these days. In my experience, the places I’ve worked for that had great employee attitudes (generous discounts, reasonable to great pay, defending staff against noxious customers as opposed to coddling abusive patrons) have the highest retention and best customer service. Places that treated employees like convicts and indentured servants had high turnover, rampant theft of both cash and product and combative, resentful attitudes toward customers.


I had no idea. When growing up my parents bought me that restaurants with servers were the kind one should tip at, and the kind where you pay at the counter isn’t. When I was a teen a place opened up where you pay at the counter and someone brought food to the counter. I was initially confused, until I spotted a little jar that said “Tips (optional)” which since I was on a date I translated as “Tips (if you want to impress your date…or not if you want to show her you are a cheapskate)”. So I tipped, and generally continue to tip at that kind of restaurant.

Now I need to reevaluate – should I be tipping at fast food as well? My biggest “no” argument is there is no “tip” line to fill in on a credit/debit payment at those places, and I rarely carry cash. That is more of a “me” argument, I think it would be more compelling if I had an argument based on something other then “I’m too lazy to manage cash”. Maybe my best argument for “yes” is I tip at Starbucks, and they don’t bring food to my table (that I remember – I haven’t been in a Starbucks since the plague started), and if I recall correctly at the drive through there isn’t a way to put it on a card, but they do have a tips bucket, and if I can scrounge up cash a tip goes in.

Maybe that is a better rule of thumb? If wait staff brings you the food, tip. If the place has a tip bucket set up, tip. Or am I overthinking it?

Maybe I should think about this some more.


Am I also supposed to start tipping at the grocery store? I mean, they sell food too.


So in other words he a bad employee with passive aggressive tendencies who should be fired?


I live in a country without tipping culture. You can tip in restaurants but the staff isn’t expecting you to do so. My friend does tip and once he tried to do this in a supermarket too. The poor cashier was extremely confused about this. Apparently her mind was thinking that receiving a tip would look like she would be stealing from the store.