A few pokes in the right place and this decrepit building crumbles to the ground


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That’s one of the lovely light blue ceramic British Historical markers on the building, isn’t it? What famous person used to live there? A pity they didn’t pull the marker before collapsing the building.


Obviously this wasn’t a complete surprise (they’d already taken out the structure inside), but sometimes I am involved in construction projects on Victorian buildings and it gives me the willies to think about this.

(although I quite enjoy the willies sometimes)


I’m curious to know if the place had experienced a fire to be so weak, or if this was just natural aging?


He has mastered the ancient art of bakusai tenketsu!


Looks like it was the childhood home of the poet Francis Thompson.


A few pokes in the right place and this decrepit building crumbles to the ground

That’s true of most things.


I love the small indicators right before the disaster, like the bit of debris that falls on the right side at 26 seconds right before the rest of it comes down.


How deep is your nerdery? Pretty sure this is the guy on the crane:


It’s funny that everything collapsed…except for the part he poked repeatedly.


Look at all the ghosts escaping that building! It must have been haunted!

Or, y’know, dust.




I hope that’s what he was trying to do.


See also: Civil liberties


Okayy, just too kewl:


Ah, physics.


If he’d poked it 36879 times, he would’ve been able to change its screen and border to any one if 256 exciting colour combinations.


Yeah, I hate to make everyone concerned, but we can pretty much do this with any building in the right spot.

It’s literally how we build buildings. Structure is going to structure. Until it doesn’t.


If you read the original story, the building showed signs of structural instability and imminent collapse, so a structural engineer was called out for an emergency consultation. And things did not go well.


Even better! That is awesome.