A Flickr group devoted to the most beautiful old control panels you've ever seen



You fuel, you.


It’s about the only reason to still have any kind of Yahoo ID.
(Especially given the data breach(es)).




You nailed it. He used to say, “After babying R-4360s all day long, raising three kids was a piece of cake.”


I’m guessing a 50’s jet fighter of some kind???


Don’t forget to tap the dials.


What plane?
My Dad worked here-



AD-4 Skyraider.


Consider soldering off the shelf switches to the contacts in a PC keyboard. That way you get the electronic interface taken care of, and some of the software issues.


When I lived in Santa Monica as a kid in the Sixties we were a stone’s throw from the big McDonnell Douglas plant that was next to the Santa Monica Municipal Airport (aka “Clover Field”).

They used to have surplus equipment sales in a dedicated room that had street access. On Saturdays it was open to the public and I remember buying sections of control panels covered with switches, knobs, and analog gauges that had been ripped out of planes and possibly ground control equipment - for 50¢ or a dollar a pop, depending on what the guy felt like charging.

This was back when I was seeing the same kind of control panels on Time Tunnel, Lost in Space,Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and all of those other high-tech Irwin Allen thrillers, For all I know that’s where the studios were buying their crap for building props and sets.

They tore down the McDonnell Douglas plant and the city built a park there decades ago, and I was just reading that they will be closing and dismantling the Santa Monica airport in the next year or two and developing it into park space as well.


Anyone else having trouble connecting to Flickr? I’m in the UK.

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