A Flickr group devoted to the most beautiful old control panels you've ever seen


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My old man used to work here.


this one was my old mans at one point in time


Oh man, that don’t touch sign just gives me an uncontrollable urge to start flipping switches. What good is an awesome control panel if you can’t flip the switches and fiddle with knobs?


I’ve been mulling over the idea of making myself a custom PC case or switch board that has this kind of stuff on it. I have zero skills in electronics but i definitely would like to undertake that adventure some day.


For awhile we had the Apollo 13 Command Module control panel from the movie on display. Some people couldn’t resist fucking with it, flipping the toggles etc.


I would have. 100%


Do you not SEE the Holy Velvet Ropes?!?!

Fun fact - I have been INSIDE the REAL Apollo 13 module, but it was gutted.


Do you not see unflipped switches and toggles? That’s like asking a cat not to fuck with ball of yarn


I wish it would be possible to track down the control panels of my youth to do such a thing; the button panel on the old washing machine, the handed down clock radio that didn’t work anymore but had very cool switches, the TEAC tape deck of my dad’s, all those things that steered so many starships and launched so many torpedoes.


Doh… I got my eyes on you. -squint-






Like a hawk, man.


Dutch brewery control system, or well-disguised TARDIS? You be the judge.
(From a Dutch school book.)


That looks like my old Cessna Aerobat on crack. Nowadays, everything has gone glass:

eta: Needs more Powerhouse


I want to flip all the switches and press all the buttons and turn all the dials!


People still use flickr?


I had the same reaction/thought earlier. I’m still fond of the site and there’s good stuff in there, but i don’t know who is still using it these days.