Here's a Tumblr devoted to beautiful control panels

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Deja vu?

Nope. Just that David beat Mark to the punch.


Banks and banks of humming machinery
I’ve never seen so many knobs
We’re gonna have to do something, Charlie
Try pushing that button there

No, how about that one
No, not that one either
I know, I’ll try pushing this one
Hold my hat, would you?
There’s a good fellow

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I totally heart VCS3s, I’ve loved them all my life…

Last I checked you can still theoretically order one from EMS’s very retro website.
Except you can’t really. The site was last updated in 1998!

That line always has me smirking at the beginning of that song. Dunno if the euphemism was intended or not.

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When I was young I always wanted to grow up to push buttons, turn knobs, slide sliders,etc. That was my dream job. Also, I wanted pills so that boring old eating would not interfere with play time.


Commander Buck Murdock: No buttons?

Striker: No. No buttons. Just switches, lights and knobs.

Murdock: Oh cut the bleeding heart crap, will ya, we’ve all got our switches, lights and knobs to deal with Striker. I mean, down here there are literally hundreds of thousands of blinking, beeping and flashing lights. Blinking, and beeping, and flashing … they’re flashing, and they’re beeping …I can’t stand it anymore. They’re blinking and bleeping and flashing … why can’t somebody pull the plug …

Lieutenant: Sir, sir, get yourself together sir, it’s ok.

Murdock: I’m alright. I’m alright.



I was expecting questionable GUI experiments, but those rarely turn out well.

Oops. Scrolled through too many of these. Must get outside for some fresh air

found: Soviet control rooms.

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