A fun activity to do at home: "Narrate A Piece of Quotidian Footage"

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“Basically, find or make a short, random, totally banal video of people or objects moving around”

I’d love to, but “Anna Karenina” isn’t going to read itself.

You can see my predicament.


David Spade does this as a regular bit on his show. That is, until his show was recently cancelled.
He’d play clips from a reality show, like Bachelor, Real Housewives or Jersey Shore, and pretend to be directing the action.
Most of his directions were along the lines of: “OK, now do something really stupid right here. Perfect.”


For more on John Smith’s work, the Tate offers: “John Smith – ‘Playing With the Power of Language’ | TateShots” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CciUtECXXNk.


They looked like Monty Python sketches to me.

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No wonder Rob sounded exasperated; that was a silver Audi rather than the Mercedes he directed. “Cut! And places everyone! Act 1, Scene 1, “The Big Bang”. Man, I hate making this single take films.”

btw good.

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