Montage of unexpectedness


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Lulz at the sunflower seed.


The endless banana… just look at it.


After watching it ten or twelve times I start to expect it.


That banana is like my work life: peel off one day, the next identical day appears. (I know I know…woe is me.)


Sisyphus’s Nanner.


I just keep hoping she’ll finally get to the good part… nope… nope… maybe? nope… sure looks tasty… nope…


My 2yo loves peeling bananas, way more than eating them. This banana is her dream come true. One man’s trash, I guess.



And, for good measure:

ETA: Where’s that animation of things almost-but-not-quite working, set to dismal music? Does anyone recall?

ETA2: Ah, there it is.


Originally shown on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation):

These were made by Japanese artist 柴田大平 between 2013 and 2015. Two weeks ago, somebody made a montage and submitted it to boredpanda:

You can see all the original videos on Vimeo, which contain even more variations on the theme:
It’s different from what you expected. 2013:
It’s different from what you expected. 2014:
It’s different from what you expected. 2015:




I’ve been watching the screensaver ‘drifting logo’ ever since it was developed and always with the expectation that the image will crash into the side of the screen. It’ll happen…soon.


When I was in 8th grade i put the cream part of a devil dog on the erasing side of an eraser. Teacher went to wipe the board and hilarity ensued. She threatened to punish the whole class and someone squealed. I would have come forward anyway. I was proud of that one.


I do not see any video at all. I see two still photos, and when I click through to Imgur, I see one still photo. I’m sure I’m doing it wrong. Everybody else gets to see the video.


She’s opening it at the wrong end, is the problem.


“One noon, while I was getting my lunch out of the trunk of the car, Ken, on a sudden inspiration, unscrewed the round cream-colored knob from the floor-mounted stick shift and, forfeiting a portion of his lunch, carefully impaled on the now-knobless stick a freshly peeled hard-boiled egg. After restarting the engine, I grasped the knob in an attempt to shift into first gear. The resulting tactual sensation can only be described as indescribable.”


That dismal music? “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber…


“Lugubrious” is the approved term.


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