Indescribable video clip




I thought you were kidding.

Going to turn off my computer now, and figure out a way to induce short-term amnesia.


Wow, and of course one of the next suggested videos has a thumbnail which is a closeup of a cock listing stage left.


David Lynch would be proud.


Even by Japanese standards this by far the weirdest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I need a brain scrub followed by a unicorn chaser please.


Yamada was such an asshole.


Wish I could unwatch the one minute I watched.


so glad i’m going to see the Princess Bride on the big screen in 30 mins, so i can forget i ever saw this.


Oh, my dear lord… What the fuck did I just watch?!


That which has been seen cannot be un-seen.

Dear gods, I need a unicorn chaser!


A clip from Naisu no Mori (renamed for the English release to Funky Forest: The First Contact)
It’s got a rather high level of surreality, as you can see.


“Indescribable” is a description.


And thus, @beschizza won the corrupt-a-wish thread, despite never posting in the thread.


Turned it off at around the :35 mark. No thanks.


Eraserhead. Totally.


What in the holy name of Christ was that was that? I’d ask for a unicorn chaser, but I wonder if the unicorn chaser wouldn’t be a sneaky gif in which the creature uses it’s horn to suck the blood out of a young woman from beneath her armpit…


I’ve heard the rest of the film doesn’t get any less strange.


Just goes to show you that with a little creativity, people over the age of 40 can have a completely satisfying sex life.


I don’t know why but for some reason I used to think (until just minutes ago) I could no longer be grossed out. I was so wrong. That would even gross out an adolescent boy who’s into zit squeezing and nasal mining.


Well, that put me right off my kibble.