Video of mysterious humanoid creature strolling in Portuguese desert


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Boston Dynamics farm team?


@pesco’s avatar is having a holiday!


“Or something else entirely…”

This one. It’s just some really bad CGI.


Drumpfs next campaign manager?


It was just the planet Venus.


Feral ghoul, obviously.


To be exact, swamp gas from a weather balloon got trapped in a thermal pocket and refracted the light from Venus.


My money is on hoax. Looks rendered to me.


This is weird. They claim that the video was shot in Portugal but the guy talking is using Brazilian Portuguese with an accent that sounds Paulista to me. He’s saying “What the fuck dude, I told you there’s something there, at your direction, look. What the fuck man. And we gotta head back to Bauru today”. If it was filmed in Portugal by tourists the usual speak would be "we’ve got to go back to Brazil today - or to Sao Paulo (the State where Bauru is located). The casual way they are talking would be more like if they were at some point between MInas Gerais and Goiânia, on a road trip. It takes some four to five hours to cross the states borders. Which would explain the “we need to get back to Bauru today”.


Fake or not, shit like that is nightmare fuel to me.

It’s like when I’m in the house at night and I’ll glance out the window into the pitch black night…all I can think is there something standing there watching me too… awww fucking hell


Cobra three to Cobra lead, we have been spotted. Abort. Repeat, we have been spotted. Abort.


How hard must it be to take grainy video in this day and age? Is there a special store for cryptid enthusiasts that still sells VHS camcorders?


Well, the Boom Festival ended a few days ago, so maybe someone just had a good long trip…


“I need the cheapest camera you’ve got.”

“Well, this one is only 720p…”

“Not good enough. Cheaper.”

“This one has a colour depth of…”


“I found a webcam from 2001 in a box underneath a pile of Windows Me discs.”



Ah, the elusive mediocre CGI monster. The wily beast is usually seen at a distance, though a shaky, blurry camera…



Yep, and it has a manual zoom


His name is Torgo… and the master will not be pleased.


Arms are a bit long, but the gait and general demeanor fit.