Stabilized version of famous bigfoot video


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Rings a bell -


Just as cool as when Mark posted it in 2006 and 2008!

Seriously though, I don’t mind the reposts of cool things now and then.

Edited to add this photo from the 2008 repost. =oD


I think this is pretty conclusive evidence that Oswald was assisted by Bigfoot from the grassy knoll.


This is timely, as there have been numerous Sasquatch sightings near Scranton, PA lately.


So why, after shooting this vid, didn’t they film the footprints that must have been left in the snow? Maybe take some plaster casts?


It’s Lizard Man!


Now if only they could stabilize the people that still take this shit seriously.


Oh when I went to da U I saw a couple two tree bigfoots up there off rude 81.


I have to admit, seeing the uncropped version of the shot did reveal something I hadn’t noticed previously in the upper third of the frame…


As a semi-professional user of gorilla suits (I’ve done Gorillagrams and assorted stunts for forty years) I can say that is without doubt just a guy in a costume. No change to human stride or stance, obviously a newbie to the game. Us pro gorillas change our gait and our stance, and work hard at not just being a man in a fur outfit. Nil points!


Love it!


It’s Clarence Beeks from Trading Places!>/quality/75/?


It was Autumn. That’s a dry crick. The Patterson Gimlin film was shot in October in northern CA at elevation less than 500 feet. There’s no snow.


You need to get back to work.


Obligatory XKCD:


So. . . if this thing had changed its stride to something else, then it would be believable, or would you then just say “obviously it’s a guy in a gorilla suit . . . who changed his stride”?

The problem is if Bigfoot is real, then how do we know what his/her stride actually looks like, what do we compare this clip to? In other words, if this footage is genuine, then there’s nothing wrong with the stride at all.

I’ve shown this stabilized clip to several people, some think it’s a guy in a suit, some think it’s real, yet all of them are pretty well-grounded rational people, so ultimately (stabilized or not) the clip still doesn’t prove anything


I saw Elvis today.


In fairness that does look like a guy with big feet.


Also, who is to say that alien corpses don’t look exactly like cheap rubber dummies?