U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: "Are we ready for 'Bigfoot" or the Loch Ness Monster?"

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What a silly question. Obviously Nessie would fall under UK jurisdiction.


“Gie yer ain mascot ye sassenach dobbers!” ~ sincerely, Scotland.


Loch Ness Monster
Daily Bag Limit: 1



I caught the Loch Ness Monster once, but I strictly adhere to the “catch and release program”.
Hence I haven’t any evidence.


If Bigfoot were to be actually discovered, every gun nut would swarm the area and promptly make them extinct.


Dont forget the awkwardly named Yaquina Bay Sea Monster.



I’m going with the theory that most Bigfoot sightings are actually misidentified bears.


If you ask on the same day we learn about evidence of Planet X… yes, yes we are.

(pluto forever!!!)

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The Malheur Files.

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Ah Andre the Giant’s second best performance ever!

[There is no way even the iconic Bigfoot-bot portrayal comes close to Fezzik in the Princess Bride]

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Why was this even a thing? New species are identified every week. Is Bigfoot magic or something?

Well, they occupy no small space in the public imagination, so the expected reaction would be expected to be larger than a new kind of squid or bug or whatever.

I think it’s a useful thought experiment.

Think about the results of a similar thought experiment would have had if someone had asked themselves, “What would happen if all the levees in New Orleans broke all at once?”


I prefer to think that they’d befriend the Bigfeet and take them target shooting, maybe even get them enrolled in Project Appleseed. Or is my absurdism showing?

That does not seem immediately relevant to the Bigfoot question. Are you simply arguing in favor of thought?

yes he is real !!! I saw him when inventorying animals in Gorgonzo Africa. I was volunteering. He suddenly appeared in full frame. Not an ape, more man like. And your pics are wrong. Africa is the most active place. I made a conscious decision to not capture the pic because people would hunt him but they cannot hunt in this sanctuary. it was night, he was caught full frame on a trail cam. without one single doubt, and I never believed. I believe now. YES he does and I would argue that to my death !!!


No, I told you hes real. it pertains to BF

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What is your bigfoot question then?

Perhaps I misunderstood what you are trying to say.

By thinking about it now, they can formulate a contingency plan. One they may never need, but is good to have.

The CDC and the British equivalent have “Zombie Apocalypse” type contingency plans, in similar vein.

I told you he is real. I have no question. You don’t think he is I think.

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