Men determined to kill Bigfoot



Reasons (not) to trust Apple's privacy promises

Well, I say good luck to them! Then they will be free to turn their sights on things that have been known to harm humans, like the chubacabra and Jersey Devil.




Shooting at barely glimpsed humanoid forms in the woods! No possible way that could go wrong.


google confirms your suspicion:


How very Victorian. “It may be the last of its kind! LET’S SHOOT IT! :D”


At least they’re also interested in protecting the public.



There is a 0% chance that they will accidentally shoot a random hiker or other person out in the wilderness. Absolutely 0%.


I don’t know if I approve of this, my brother wears size 15 shoes.

Are the Big Footed safe on the streets?


You’re really going to promote crap like this?


Rule of hunting: Don’t kill what you don’t plan to eat.


Well, if the show is airing next month, It was likely shot some time ago. They did not find a bigfoot. They never will. It is just going to be yet another show with idiots fumbling around in the woods, with exclamations like “I hear something! It must be a squatch!”.


Has anyone seen @pesco lately?


Well, if they can reduce the tragic death toll from bigfoot attacks, by even 5 or 10%, that will be a great help.


IF Bigfoot exists at all, then they are rather intelligent, like other great apes, and rather rare if not endangered.

IF Bigfoot exists at all, then hunting and killing Bigfoot is wrong, wrong, WRONG.

And likely to risk hunting and killing random hikers and/or each other.


Sounds like they’re Nugent fans. Have they never heard of catch, document and release? Just as easy as being in position for a kill shot.


Bigfoot botherers have been doing that for ages, and look what it’s gotten them. It’s a conspiracy by the MSM that sneakily smears vaseline on their lenses before they set out.


with the incredible ubiquity of pretty good to near-excellent still and video cameras in people’s pockets over the past-- what?-- close to a decade, why would anyone truly believe that a creature such as sasquatch could exist unrecorded?


Promote? Maybe you’re new here?