Skier records Yeti on video


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“But skeptical viewers of the footage say it is just a man dressed in a furry suit.”

Yes, but who lent him the suit? YETI!



a) A guy covered in white, or…

b) A race of large humanoid creatures in the Spanish Pyrenees. Just one creature wouldn’t do it; you’d need a minimum viable population all through human history. A population that hasn’t left behind a fossil record. None have been found dead from natural causes or a fall or having been hit by a truck. None have been found electrocuted after climbing a hydro tower. None have been shot and retrieved by hunters.

Gee. Which one could it be?


Wait, how did Yeti get from the Himalayas to the Pyrenees? Helicopter?




For best quality, select 720p.


I’m interested in what “covered in white” means, what a man would be covered in “white” for, and what said man is doing out there. It’s easy to say “That’s not a yeti.” But it seems rather difficult to explain what it actually is.


We just need to review flight records from


Also, how did this “man covered in white” magically limit the skier’s camera to only taking ten seconds of video? I think it’s much too soon to rule out aliens from the bible.


More importantly how do you add those blurred sides for portrait video?


It’s likely yet another person trying to create a hoax.

It could be a well-made polar bear suit or white ape suit (which may sound strange, but the original Star Trek series had no problem finding one already in the costume and props store.) I wrote simply “covered in white” because the video is blurry and shaky enough that someone could have simply torn apart a white couch and tied the cloth around some guy.


…another slow news day on the BoingBoing.


He probably bypassed security so there’ll be no record. White privilege.


The Spanish mountain infantry is stationed in Jaca, about 50 km from the ski resort in Formigal (not the explanation, but more likely than Yeti).




Thanks, Obaminable snowman!


A bride?


Rally car?


We can’t identify what the hell that is. And yet some how they’ve identified a Yeti.


With all due respect to the Fermi Paradox, I think the real reason we haven’t found the existence of intelligent alien life is because the people that ‘have’ found intelligent alien life and recorded it as proof ‘refused’ to turn their damned phones on their side to take a proper video, and all the rest of us don’t watch portrait videos. :unamused:

Seriously though, we have 17 cameras and 53 gyroscopes and 4K virtual reality holodeck dopler 7000 screens (now with Retsin!) on our phones now…why haven’t they designed the cameras and video so they just ‘force’ the final shot to be horizontal, even if the shooter refuses to turn their camera on it’s side? :blush: