Watch this terrific paper animation of a Japanese monster battle

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It’s a great video, but it was already featured last week:



Did you ever read Boing Boing? You should. It’s entertaining!


Sugoi! [oops, 9 character rule!]

Really Sugoi!

Do I have to watch the whole thing again? Or can I just jump to the comments to see who posts the “repeat” first?

I am doing that now!


Sugoi desu. 10 characters.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is “animation” the right word? As far as I can tell it was all filmed live, in one take, which just makes it all the more impressive. “Puppetry” perhaps?

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All that effort and he couldn’t rotate his phone to horizontal?

To be fair, there does seem to be a fair amount of unintentional headbutting/stepping on toes between the authors.

As a regular member, if I post content that’s too similar to a topic that’s already been posted, I get an automatic error message notifying me of the similarity; just judging by all the dupe threads I’ve seen, I’m guessing the official authors of official BB BBS content don’t have such a feature in place… or perhaps they do, and it’s optional to turn it off.


Is that why I get an error message every time I post a message asking BBS members to subscribe to my newsletter?!

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While I’d seen the first video linked in the post I hadn’t seen the one with the nested paper cups before. I have seen similar ones but I think this one was the most elaborate one of its kind I’d ever seen - and it’s at least two and a half years old.

Very cool, and definitely a Wonderful Thing in my book.


That is an ingenious way to animate!


I refer you to my own theories on the matter which lead me to believe there is nothing unintentional about it. I’m just not sure what the cumulative scores are now.

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