3D-printed paper airplane machine gun



Wait… is the gun actually folding the paper?


I was going to say “nice, but it’s no Money Gun”, but it’s folding the paper airplanes automatically. VERY COOL!

That is amazing! More video from different angles, please!

Seems petty, given the cleverness, to ask how well they fly. But, y’know …


I just want to see and be amazed.


Makes me think of Read or Die.

Is that as incomprehensible and fun as it looks? Or just incomprehensible? Also, is the film or series more recommended…asking for a friend, a friend who is still barely finding time to get through Attack on Titan despite it’s inherent awesomeness…

The film (the 3-episode OVA, to be precise) is quite possibly one of the finest anime I have ever seen. Even if you don’t like it, it’s over in ninety minutes, so at least there’s not much time lost.

The TV series has its moments, but it alternates between nifty action and weirdly contrasting episodes of quiet domesticity, and kind of goes careening off the rails of plausibility towards the end. Some people like it more, though.

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Now all he needs to do is upgrade the internals a bit pump up the size and make it spit F 35s.
Instant profit.
really amazed

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I like the banshee wail. Gives it character.

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