Bani Garu: Worst. Anime. Ever


As amazing as Nausicaa is, and as horrific a butchering as Warriors of the Wind is, (tho still so precious and much-rewatched nontheless in VHS days) I’d actually kind of like to see a film of that poster :smiley:


wait the subplot is gone? they cut out the PLOT. “uuuh why does this film end with a shot of a hat next to a beansprout?”

Yes, tvtropes even refers to what they call the “Gainax Ending” to refer to endings that make no sense and were probably just thought up at the last minute. Of course this isn’t limited to Japanese animation – J.J. Abrams seems to be common culprit as well for instance.

You fixed the NEXT button! Thank you BoingBoing, now it reads like a manga instead of a scavenger hunt!

Also, I would gamble Cardcaptors vs. Warriors of the Wind. Not only is the plot chopped and rearranged in random ways, but half of the characters got English names. “Tomoyo” became “Madison”, and a minor character became central because he’s a he.

Also also, the end of Evangelion is the original Gainax ending. It’s a totally perplexing collage of past and present, meant to evoke the end of 2001, but instead it’s just confusing. Rumor has it they ran out of money and threw in every scrap of leftovers.

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I’ve always found it remarkable that (especially in America) the people who sell cartoons and toys seem to hate children (and yes, until the children of the '80s got high paying tech jobs, business insisted that cartoons were for children). They seem to go out of their way to be stupid and inane and insulting.

No i mean the original ending of Nausicaa makes perfect sense (so do most Gainax endings but that’s a different story) and is beautiful, but in the US dubbed “Warriors of the Wind” version they cut out all the stuff about what the Sea of Corruption really is/does which is kind of the whole point of the film.


And the worst annoying phrase ever was used to describe it (“down the rabbit hole”). Gawd. THIS is why I hate millennials. And my generation. But especially the boomers.

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You can add the weird Digimon movie which is cut from like 2 or 3 of the original japanese ones and dubbed with non-stop fast talking wisecracking dialog over what is almost Tarkovsky-esque slow and silent pacing in the original

The original Eva TV ending is kiiiind of because they ran out of money but is also pretty perfect. The End of Evangelion movie is a masterpiece. Both make perfect sense to me artistically speaking and as brutal fanbase-trolling. The new movies are shaping up to be equally perplexing and the ‘next episode preview’ for 3.0 vs what actually happened in that movie is is almost as much of a genius slap in the otaku face as anything Anno did first time round.

Yes! It makes no sense but this comic makes me happy!
(No sense in the sense that it makes me happy, (Yeah I’m dumb))


Obligatory linguistic pedantry:

ちょっと待って is chotto matte, not matta


It’s the imperative -ta. See here

But then it would be written ちょっと待った , right?

Please tell me they don’t arbitrarily change the pronunciation of the last character; consistency is one of my favorite things about written Japanese.

I started going to Baycon in the mid-late 90s, while it was still at the Red Lion / Doubletree / whatever hotel. She’s got the “restaurant seating area with random fans walking by” captured just perfectly.

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Oh god, Cardcaptors. Or, as I called it when I saw the (bad bad bad) marketing: “LI, MASTER OF THE CLOW.” Glad the uneffed, subbed eps were made available.

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I like the self-deprecation in the post title.

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Care to elaborate? What exactly is wrong with the phrase “down the rabbit hole” or millennials for that matter?

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Oh, please don’t have them go down that rabbit hole…


Re: millenials, the context is nearby articles.

As for the phrase, it is everywhere, NPR, BB, Neatorama, the news… It is the “like” from generation X, hell, even Sherlock used the overused phrase. Overused to imply something that it is not exploration of one’s curiosity without knowing the end is not leading us to Wonderland (a topsy turvy world of obligate contradiction and cacophony) even if it is vaguely unfamiliar. There needs to be a better way to describe the normal curiosity of being human and learning about our world that we did not know before. A rabbit hole that one can go down implies fantastical, this is not it even if it is frustrating.

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