Bani Garu: Worst. Anime. Ever

Perhaps with context being tangential, but no, I am where I wish to be.

Now that the distaste for “down the rabbit hole” has been aired, questioned, and explained, time to get back to discussion of the comic and its content. Thank you!

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Do I give this comment a (^∇^)or a ( i _ i )?

The end of Panty and Stocking: opening for sequel or best fan base trolling ever?

I actually kind of liked it, but then I liked The Blair Witch Project.

Oh, yeah. I was lazy and only read the romaji (not that my kanji is that brilliant). Notice that the Japanese type also lacks the ね (ne) particle. My guess is that one line or the other was edited and they forgot to also edit the other one.

As to pronunciation, yes, Japanese is really consistent compared to English, though as usual, nobody native speaks it like they teach you in the classroom. Sometimes you need really sharp ears to hear differences between vowel sounds in normal conversation, unless you’re experienced enough to know what it should be.

As bad as Warriors of the Wind was, it was the first anime I ever saw and got me into the scene. I was so young when I saw it, I didn’t know what it was called. It was the first thing I threw out to the internet in the late 90’s and the internet came back with an answer. “Hey, there’s this anime I saw when I was like 5 that had giant worms and a girl on a flying wing…”

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A thong or Miyazaki’s Faceless? A hard choice indeed.

It looks like the box art was lifted from Masters of the Universe. HeMan and SheRa (on pegasus) and skeletor all seem to be present.

Well, this is just a trip down memory lane…

So…Warriors of The Wind came out in '89? I was 13, visiting my Grandma and favorite cousin in Virginia; we went to the local Blockbuster and my cousin picked that very video. Since the cover (haha) had very little to do with the actual movie; he was uninterested. I was entranced.

I had already whet my teeth on Robotech/Star Blazers/BotP…but here was something different. The next day we went back to return it…I asked if they had a copy for sale. The cashier gave a noncommittal ‘I doubt it’ but went in the back to check and came back with a new one. That cost $15. And this was a time so long ago children, that VHS tapes actually cost real money: but I could afford it, and bought it. And watched it incessantly: literally driving them both out of the house and singing the ‘lalala’ song until my poor cousin was apoplectic.

Worst dubbing…ever? No…can’t be. Worst ‘edit for American audiences’…ever? With apologies to Carl Macek who brought lots of happiness to my early years; I first experienced real nerd rage when discovering the ‘Fauxtoculture Connection’…and I’m not saying that Robotech was bad at all…but there were editing shenanigans. WotW is pretty blatant: but the source material is so damn good…for a neophyte like me, at the time…it was incredibly awesome. There must be…something worse out there.

Akira. The Streamline Pictures dub. Hate it? Not me. Because I saw that version, in the theatre, multiple times, at a most impressionable age. New dub…too dull. Even the original Japanese doesn’t have the same effect. Took years to find a DVD with it. An Australian group has the rights, DVD comes with multiple dialogue tracks…bought a region free player just for it.

I realize there were some questionable attempts to bring anime to the masses in the early days; but because they were ‘my days’…I’m inclined to be more tolerant in recollecting.

Keep 'em coming, Bani Garu!


brings to mind how wa and ga and maybe some other sound are written with the hirigana for ha in certain circumstances.

I understand where the “lightsaber” bit comes from. The God Warrior have something like a flaming staff you see at the beginning of the movie.

How would you ever profit from an entire generation with good role models?

I actually researched Akira before watching it. (Very good) friends warned me that which dub I see when I first watch it will influence which side of the holy war I’m on. I decided to find a copy with both the Streamline and Pioneer dubs, and as most of my friends liked Streamline better I watched that first.

I can honestly say that I like both dubs a lot, but if I’m going to casually re-watch Akira it’s going to be the streamline dub, because it’s fun, and the voice actors show it. If I’m going to watch Akira for a class, or to opine on it’s themes, then it’s going to have to be the Pioneer dub because it’s more accurate to the original Japanese.

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I have never been able to get through the Akira movie. It puts me to sleep!

"The City Was Covered By a Dark Shadow…and all the people

They all began to die!" Cue music: DANDANDDDAAAAAANNNNN

“That bike’s too big for a kid like you”: ‘I could ride it…’ “Red bennies…three of 'em” “scumbag!” “That’s…Evolution, right?” ‘It’s…the Sol, Sir!’ …Milk?..


‘…it has…already begun…’

cue Yamashirogumi…The End.

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“Men…We’re Going To The Olympics!”


I can completely respect that what Carl Macek did brought anime to a wider audience (and he cast some pretty good actors) and at the same time say he was a terrible writer and producer who thought he knew better than the creators of the shows he worked on (he didn’t ). (Case in point: shuffling the sequence of the shorts in ROBOT CARNIVAL.)

Also, who stores preserved organs at 0.17K? That’s impractically cold. Colder than the empty space between galaxies, and colder than you can get by boiling liquid Helium.

That’s what makes it SOOO AWESOOOME… No? Maybe just to me then…^^