Bani Garu: Sketchbook



Okada was not so optimistic Nadia would be a hit–Gainax was already in
the red on Nadia and chafing under the direction of NHK (Japan
Broadcasting Corporation) and Toho (a film company), with whom they’d
signed a typically Gainax-bad deal to make Nadia.

While the words are English, when I parse that sentence I get something like “Twas brillig, and the slithy toves / Did gyre and gimble in the wabe.”

Guess I lack the cultural references.

Nadia, to me, is one of the classics. Glad it is on Hulu now (JP for free, English dub for subscribers to the Anime Network).

If by ‘every other day’ you mean ‘a column that appears weekly’, then I guess you’re right. Of course, by suggesting that the only reason anyone would want to hear anything a woman has to say about something is because they want to get laid says a lot more about you and your privelege than the articles.

I must have missed the times you commented on how someone at BB must be looking to score with John Wilcock?



I enjoy the series, keep it coming. As I’ve said before, gives me a great perspective on what was happening “behind the scenes” in my fledgling days as an anime geek in the early 90s. I remain one to this day, of course. :slight_smile:

And yes, behind the scenes it apparently was as much of a shit-show as I would have hoped for and imagined. :wink:

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Thanks for the tip, somehow I never saw it. Well, maybe I’m forgetting. Love the anime selection on Hulu, makes it such a brainless subscription for me. :smile:

Ate the sexist creep’s original post, but leaving your fantastic reply.

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Aw, I missed a creepy boy’s directionless, unfounded sexist ravings? #thankgoodness #yayFalcor

Where’d did you get lost?


…damn character minimum

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Enjoying this tremendously and eagerly look forward to each installment.


Most probably, I guess you aren’t familiar with Gainax works, or it’s history.

Those sketches are lovely . But unfortunately charm and creativity alone cannot maintain a business afloat and well… you need people who knows that they are doing in economic areas. You have made already quite clear they didn’t seem to have a person like that :frowning:
Can’t wait to read the next part.

This and Hip-Hop History are, all things considered…my most favorite BB serials Of All Time.

Way better than Prince Valient…I’m still waiting for the Totally Shocking Gainax Exposé: but I surely am enjoying the ride!

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