Bani Garu: Savage Girl


This entire thing was lost on me. I don’t get it.


can we at least get a link or some explanation for this out of context post? Anything?

From the “read more” link:

It probably would help if this article was at least tagged as well:

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Still don’t get it.

Edit: Ah, sorry I see that there is a comic before this one - that’s the context I needed, thanks!

I’m glad you have full comprehension. It was nice to have added context, but I’m still lost, or maybe just not that interested or compelled to delve further.

Click on the tag link - you see there’s a previous comic to this one, it at least makes this one make sense. At first I thought @Nonentity was just pointing out the introduction, which although explains the origin of this comic, still leaves one a little flummoxed.

Of course if you’re not interested I can’t help with that :slight_smile: After reading them in order though it does seem to be a compelling story, told in an interesting way, there’s at least a beginning to the middle, if nothing else.

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I think I remember this anecdote from an old anime-themed mailing list or usenet group…
It was mentioned that she considered that costume so degrading that she seriously considered claiming that it was too small to fit her and proving it by getting out of the room naked…

I mainly added the link for the introduction because even with the previous panel through the tag link there isn’t a lot to go on yet. The intro at least gives some further background.

Not sure what I think of the comic yet, since nothing much has really happened so far. Interesting style, though.

Gainax is famous for two things: crazy ontological paradox, and enormous bouncing boobs. So this woman’s… er… adventures are not too surprising.

Lea Hernandez, I first learned about her through the book The Anime Companion,by Gilles Poitras. Strange, just a front cover, line art, and I can remember Lea’s name but not Gilles Poitras as much. Any time I hear Lea Hernandez, I associate it to The Anime Companion. Sometimes I mistakenly think she wrote it, instead of Gilles, weird.

Anyway, I keep encountering her name throughout the years on the internet. She’s gone through alot in my mind. Lost her home due to a fire awhile back. Imagine yourself, no home, most of your work was in that home, have a family to care for, yikes.

She’s one tough lady and I mean that in the most nicest of way.


I never said any such thing, but I’d love to see that anecdote. Do you remember where you saw it?

A quick search in Google Groups found a post by Lea Hernandez in rec.arts.manga from november 1997 which I presume is actually yours and you just forgot about it.

I quote the relevant part:

The costume wasn’t the DaiCon girl’s Playboy-inspired red bodysuit and ears, it was and abbreviated tux with coarse fishnet stockings, a sleeveless shirt that gapped impressively at the armholes, and satin bunny ears on a tight headband.
Putting it on in the Gainax office, then having to exit Okada-san’s office and show the staff how it looked was one of the most excrutiating experiences of my life. I wasn’t more acutely embarrassed until I had a baby.
Taking a deep breath like the girl in the itsy-bitsy teeny weeny etc., bikini, I stepped out of Okada’s office after giving some serious thought to taking the whole thing off and saying it didn’t fit, even a fleeting moment of considering walking out naked to prove it.

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Aha! Thanks for finding that! That is indeed me. Note that I never said I found the costume “degrading.” And as for walking out naked, that was a joke.


You’re welcome. It’s not surprising that I got some details wrong, after 15 years remembering the gist of it is already a lot.


Loving this… Can’t wait for next week.


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Not sure if the Index link going to a 2012 asteroid story is a coding blooper or a Gainax headfuck? <-- seriously

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