Bani Garu: Mappu



Yay! We love Bani Garu!!


Made my day! Love it!

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Always a joy to read these. Thanks, Lea.

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That homeless dude was actually me.

Jaaay-kaaaaaaay. It wasn’t.

I…almost wish I chose a life as an anime dumpster diver: I still recall the shock of seeing so many huge tomes of yesterdays manga goodness being put out to recycle back in the day…I mentally salivate (and cry a mental tear) at the thought of those original sketches disappeared into oblivion.


From the looks of it, I’m surprised there weren’t more murders at Gainax - it seemed to have seethed with secrets, intrigue, hierarchical tension, unspoken taboos and psychosis-inducing toxins. Agatha Christie would had a field day.


What’s Anno-san doing under that desk?

He was sleeping! This was typical of animators to just stay at the studio & crash there

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Did they got to the point of having futons (or sleeping bags, or related) on the studio in advance for those cases? or did they fell asleep wherever they could?

I don’t recall.

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