Bani Garu: Stars


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Main difference from the other BoingBoing comics: something happens each time in those.


great work!

But something is going to happen in the future in every page of this series.

Just why nobody posted this small jewel already?

I cant think of anything more RELEVANT to the comic…

I love the song (Twilight-YES), and the animation, when I’m blue I play it and automatically cheer up!

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Oh wow! I hadn’t given any attention to the previous two posts, but the last frame of the initial post is amazing. So much emotion!

A frame at a time maketh not a great comic. I get that there WILL be something interesting… but as was said up above - the thing about other comics here is that something happens. ANYTHING! Sorry… most of the time the stuff that is presented here is really quite entertaining. This is sort of flat.

If it was vignettes each time with an arc, that would be interesting. But a snippet of a thought is not much of a comic or not really interesting at the rate that it’s posted. At this rate, it really just feels like it is trying to stretch some space… “if we post just one page a week then we can make this thing run for a year!” whereas “if we post a bit of story arc each time (like the last three comics all at once) then we’ve lost a month!”

Just seems like someone is trying to stretch it out for more filler space…

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Wait, wait. I want to see where she’s going with this.

Fanservice. It’s not a secret at all.


The Daicon IV video is the first thing (after a welcome message) I posted to the Bani Garu omake (extras) tumblr!

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I suggest Yasuhiro Takeda’s THE NOTENKI MEMOIRS if you haven’t read it yet. It’s pretty illuminating.

I’m sure we’ve all seen this kind of super heavy beat-you-over-the-head-with-it foreshadowing work before. I think this is coming across weird due to the sparse update schedule. Probably will end up working alright when you can read them all together.

It definitely helps if you know anything about Gainax. Every one of these is like, oh noooooo…loook ouuuuuttttttttt…

I’m just waiting to learn what happens to Perry dog.
And wondering where/what Mark was doing during all this?

Spoiler: the dachshund died in 1995 after a very pampered life.

I must know you from somewhere. Do you feel comfortable telling me?

just some “kid” who was one of your first fans in the mid-80’s, while you were still putting the first issue of Kendra together(since Yamato-Con IIRC), and who wishes you nothing but good things.

and damn… I loved that dog.

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