Bani Garu: FAQFQA



How unexpected.

Please don’t go. I want to see how this turns out.


“Funny like a trainload of clowns dying wreck punctuated by the sound of hundred of red noses and big shoes all squeaking at unison”

That sounds pretty funny to me! :smiley:


I am A.OK with where this is going. Everything was off to a rocky start but I’m interested in reading more. Don’t mind the haters!


I thought most of the complaints were about how long the wait was between each panel? That part seems much improved lately.


Nope. Avocado green was first offered as an appliance color in the '60s. While shag carpeting became popular in the '70s, it was already interior decor herpes in the '60s.

This doesn’t resolve my contention that such an apartment would be considered a total score today. So “ironic”!

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Hey my only complaint is that it had been disjointed and hard to follow, exacerbated by long periods between updates. The thing is… I’m still reading it though… right? I wouldn’t complain if it weren’t interesting enough to care about. Also, please stop sleeping with my mom. She’s going through a phase right now and she’s really vulnerable.


I think some people don’t like what they don’t understand.

I don’t understand much of Bani Garu so far, but that’s why I like it (1). It’s teaching me something…something I haven’t figured out yet.

(1) besides the great art and colors and lettering


Heh-heh… “Your mom.” Always the best comeback.


I’m quite enjoying this comic! It’s an interesting glance at a world I’m unfamiliar with, with great art too. Haters to the left.

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Your mom

My mom was killed when a bunch of drunken clowns in full costume and makeup pushed a truckload of avocados on top of her and then gleefully honked their noses in chorus, you insensitive clod.


I ain’t going anywhere.

Even considering the horrors that 45-50 yo carpet would contain?!

If those clowns didn’t also stomp their clown shoes, they were amateurs.

It’s usually clowns to the left.


"Aaaah! My feet are being consumed by flesh-eating bacteria! So…ironic!"


I love this series so much!


Care to answer some fan mail?

  1. So, what did you do here, on this episode? Did you break the 4th wall, as a playwright would, to reach out and smackdown hecklers, as a stand-up comic would, within the format constraints of serialized comic strip?

1b) Has that been done before?

  1. Who brought you onboard to publish this here at BB? There are many suspects, as there are ample boingers with inkstains on their fingers. But I’m asking you to name names.

Both, plus meet the update deadline.

In Bani Garu, or in other comics?

I’ve been pitching Bani Garu to publishers for 6 or so years. At San Diego Cmic-Con last summer, I told Rob Beschizza stories about old skool fandom and being online promoting comics in 1995. He suggested an article, I suggested a comic. Boom, Bani Garu on BoingBoing.
(Which is so great and such an honor because BB is terrific and smart and I’ve been a BoingBoing fan since the zine.)


And a winnar is us. Thanks a lot, I am really enjoying the comic.

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In comics generally. I’ve seen dailies or weeklies interrupt regularly scheduled programming to take on hecklers, but I not familiar of an instance where it was done in the middle of a self-contained story.

Maybe it’s a thing I haven’t encountered before?

I get you now. I don’t know, either. I did it because I could and the heckling needed to be addressed.


If you say so.