Bani Garu: Gainax 101




This is actually really interesting stuff, but the pace is so slow it’s very hard to follow. (4 months in and we’re just at the beginning it seems like). It seems artistically designed to be read all at one go - should I just ignore all the posts until the final page is up, and then start from page 1 again?


Aaah… the “Gainax Ending” so many good memories of a younger me and friends in the mid 90s thinking that it really made sense, just that you had to be smart enough to get it.

Except for my friend Juan who repeated again and again during the view of the bootleg VHS version of The End of Evangelion: What the fuck is going on? I don’t understand anything! Of course he was right.

So. Paraphrasing the last sentence in the series:
> How disgusting!


I was worried the Rebuild of Evangelion movies would be just a more otaku-friendly modern remake to cash in on all those who don’t appreciate/like the brutal genius of the original endings but the 3.0 ‘next episode’ preview vs the actual 3.0 movie is already up there trolling-wise with anything they did first time round :smiley:


I want to wait until it is done, cut it apart, put it into chronological order with exposition occurring near to the time the original subject matter is mentioned, and then read it.


Ah, the Daicon IV video. I remember coming across this a few years ago and sharing it with friends, only to be told about the “Gainax Bounce” effect afterwards. I was busy loling at the daikon radish spaceship, girl in bunny suit, and song by E.L. freaking O. (including Cylon-style vocoder) and hadn’t even noticed.


I enjoy reading the comic, but somehow every installment feels like a continuation of a prologue; as if it is setting the scene for the main narrative.


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