This student film is an amazing love letter to Hayao Miyazaki

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Wow. While the short has innumerable Miyazaki allusions, I’m still impressed, especially by the fact that it was drawn by one person. Wow.


So where is the kickstarter that will fund this into been made into a real movie? Lol i’m only half joking what with Studio Ghibli not doing much something like this could fill in for the fans. How many Studio Ghibli fans would back something like this?

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Amazing stuff, left me wishing for a full length film. Maybe this gifted artist can take forward the beautiful work of the now defunct Studio Ghibli. Someone like this, who obviously understands, appreciates, and loves Miyazaki’s vision, would be a more worthy heir than the corporate monstrosity Disney.


Combining the lush, layered imagery of Miyazaki with the incomprehensible storyline of French cinema.


I’m not positive about the techniques used - but I think this is one of the most beautifully executed uses of rotoscoped animation I’ve seen. If this is pure key-frame animation that’s another level of mind blowing - but either way: wow, wow, wow!

That is astonishing, especially for one person! What a talent!

So much Nausicaa in there too!



Are we sure this was a final project, and not a resume to apply to work at Ghibli?

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