Miyazaki films reimagined as woodblock prints




Please take my money, these are awesome.


I was hoping they would be converted to a more traditional style like those video game woodblock prints:

Ukiyo-e Heroes

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I agree that they aren’t true wood block style but they’re still well designed. My favorite is the Lupin the 3rd print, the Totoro is pretty good though.

I need that Mononoke print, I neeeeeed it!

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Already pre-ordered!

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Did anyone see Otomo’s piece in Short Peace, using the traditional isometric design?

Truly beautiful and while you are at it, check out Hasui’s work, not one weak.

These are so beautiful. Thankyou for this post.

Cheers for costing me about £80 plus the cost of 6 frames for items I literally have no where to go and probably will not be able hang in somewhere I live until I move.

They are so so so nice, I was so cynical when I saw the titles as most of this pop culture thing you love in the style of another thing are usually either nice to look at for 10 seconds on the internet, maybe a retweet or utter shit. These are really special, particularly the Lupin III one which is stunning (they all are but that really captures something).

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Yeah but then they wouldn’t actually look like Ghibli pieces of art.

These look almost exactly like the images in the films but pulled back. What he has done is wonderful.

As cells of Miyazaki’s work they are amazing interpretations, but they are not really woodblock prints except for the general shape and simplified color palette.

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