Compare Edo prints with Art Nouveau posters in person

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It’s a shame it is only in Seattle, might have to spring for a catalogue, although that is never as good as the real thing.


Man, this sort of exhibit would be right up my alley!


There’s also a fantastic accompanying show at the downtown Seattle Art Museum on master printmaker Hokusai, he of the famous views of Mt. Fuji, and his influence and influences. Running through January. Hokusai


I am jealous. I love making prints and the impressionist-influenced Japanese woodblock prints are some of my favorites. This is 100% a show I’d carve time out to see, period.

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You know, if you can set aside half a wall at work to try carving a woodblock or hard foam or whatever to cut and ink up, I bet they’ll send you before you can make 132 prints.

I don’t think work’d be well convinced, but I do need to finish up my woodcut printing project. I got stymied by not being able to mix a flesh tone out of process inks. That an an international move.


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