A work of art that reproduces 100 woodblock prints of Edo by artist Hiroshige



An important correction: Edo is the older name of Tokyo, not Kyoto.
Kyoto has always been called Kyoto, at least going back to ancient times.


Thank you. I’ve corrected the headline and the copy.

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I’m still seeing it as Kyoto, not Tokyo on the headline and copy.

FWIW: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyoto#Name

Never mind, it appears to have updated.

I also own this book and can confirm that it is gorgeous.

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I can also recommend Hiroshige’s collected kacho-ga prints, which I like even better than his other ukiyo-e.

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This looks amazing!

I’ve been watching Samurai Champloo (which is nominally set in the Tokugawa, though to a nicely anachronistic hip hop sound track), and it’s constantly referencing this style/era of art. Some of the minor characters are straight out of a painting from this period and there is a whole episode where Fuu becomes a model for a painter in this style.

Wow. $30? I think they just made a sale.

ETA: It will go well with my book on Katsushika Hokusai.

I finally found a really nice but cheap book on Mucha last month :o)

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Thank you! I just learned something.

I picked up a copy of the abridged Hokusai sketchbooks, the one that has a forward by James A. Michener, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art bookshop when I was 18 or 19 in the late '70s. It has what appears to be a similar style of binding and has gone through a few reprintings over the years. This Taschen volume on Hiroshige would make a great companion to it.

If anyone is passing through Narita airport you can pick copies of these types of prints for less than $20 – about ¥1200 I think. They’re not large – about A4 including a sizeable border but they’re beautiful. I don’t know how the blocks are produced but the prints are real wood block prints. A steal at that price even if they keep printing them till they run out of paper.

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I also own a copy of this book and it is indeed a treasure.

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